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Whether you’re new to the science classroom or a 35-year veteran, the landscape of science instruction is changing. With the addition of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and increased focus on project-based assessment, the changes in the classroom can be overwhelming. 

Mosa Mack Science’s hands-on professional development workshop cuts through the noise and takes you through the essentials of creating a project-based classroom aligned to NGSS. Using research-based strategies, the hands-on workshop covers:


Next Generation Science Standards

  • Understanding its structure and purpose

  • Adjusting your existing units to meet NGSS

  • Implementing performance-based assessments

Project-Based Learning

  • Integrating PBL seamlessly without the projects feeling “bulky”

  • Creating impactful PBL lessons

  • Incorporating engineering challenges

Integrating Mosa Mack Science

  • Workshop the animated mysteries and vocabulary manipulatives

  • Get hands-on in the lab challenges

  • Take on the engineering challenge to plan, build and test your product just as your students would.

Feedback from our most recent PD

Educators come out of the workshop with:​

Fully prepared PBL and NGSS Lesson

Workshop Presentation Materials

Access to Mosa Mack Science


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The 4-hour professional development session accommodates up to 20 educators. Mosa Mack trainers work directly with your instructional leader to hone your customized workshop plan pulling from the elements above.​